About Us

Ochra was founded by Constantinos Saitis in 2004 as a privately owned Graphic & Design Services company. The scope of activities of the company includes the provision of integrated solutions of graphic design, creative ideas and visual communication, specialising in corporate and social design projects.

Ochra’s primary goal is to provide high-quality services, tailor-made to suit each client’s needs. Based on this philosophy, every graphic project is integrated into a communication project, so as to reach the target audience in the best possible way and qualitatively increase the public visibility of the client’s corporate/institutional identity.

Our long-standing experience in the field, coupled with the specialised know-how, the pioneering ideas and the high-quality services that we offer, allow us to offer best possible solutions to a wide variety of projects. In order to optimize the quality of the work outcome in complex project requirements, Ochra collaborates for specific projects with a number of specialists from the advertising, communication and production sectors.

The company’s main clients include, among others: Classical Hotels; Municipality of Athens; Hellenic Corporation of Breast Cancer; Art NOVA Promotion & Happenings Ideas; Fifty Fifty: Branded Bags Accessories; and BMW.